With the exception of custom home or renovation categories, previous finalists are eligible to re-enter if the project is still for sale within the eligibility window (project that is open for sale between June 2019 to August 2021).

The following categories would be eligible if they fall within the eligibility window:

  1. Production Built Home (One Storey)
    02. Production Built Home (Two Storeys up to 2500 sq. ft.)
    03. Production Built Home (Two Storeys 2501 sq. ft. and over)
    04. Attached Multi-Unit Home
  2. 09. Mid-Rise Building (4-10 Storeys)
    10. High-Rise Building (11+ Storeys)
    11. High or Mid-Rise Condo Suite (up to 800 sq. ft)
    12. High or Mid-Rise Condo Suite (801 sq. ft. and over)
  3. 18. New Home Kitchen (New Low-Rise Home up to 2500 sq. ft.)
    19. New Home Kitchen (New Low-Rise Home 2501 sq. ft. and over)
    20. High or Mid-Rise Condo Suite Kitchen
    21. New Home Bathroom
  4. 22. Low-Rise Project Video (1-3 Storeys)
    23. High or Mid-Rise Project Video (4+ Storeys)
    24. Social Media
    25. Website (Corporate or Project Specific)
    26. Low-Rise Ad Campaign (1-3 Storeys)
    27. High or Mid-Rise Ad Campaign
    28. Low Rise Project Logo Branding (1-3 storeys)
  5. High or Mid-Rise Project Logo Branding (4+ storeys)
  6. 30. New Homes Sales Office (Up to 1500 Sq. ft.)
    31. New Homes Sales Office (1501 sq. ft. and over)
    32. Design / Décor Centre
    33. Model Home/Suite (Up to 2500 sq. ft.)
    34. Model Home/Suite (2501 sq. ft. and over)
    35. Low-Rise Project Sales Brochure (1-3 Storeys)
    36. High or Mid-Rise Project Sales Brochure (4+ storeys)

If you entered in a custom home or renovation category you would not be eligible to enter that project again as it would have been completed within last year’s eligibility window.

The following categories would not be eligible:

  1. 06. Custom Home (Up to 3000 sq. ft.)
    07. Custom Home (3001 – 5000 sq. ft.)
    08. Custom Home (5001 sq. ft. and over)
  2. 13. Home Renovation (Actual Retail Value up to $250,000)
    14. Home Renovation (Actual Retail Value between $250,001-$500,000)
    15. Home Renovation (Actual Retail Value over $500,001)
    16. Kitchen Renovation
    17. Bathroom Renovation