I was a finalist in a category last year but didn’t win. Can I enter the same project again?

Previous finalists are eligible to re-enter if the project is still for sale, or was completed within the eligibility window. Please review the full eligibility outline for further details.

I won in a category last year – Can I apply for the same category with the same project again?

No – Projects that have won a category in the previous year are not eligible to be entered into a similar category this year.

Can I enter a production built home that has been built but has yet to sell?

If it is a production built home, and the model is still being sold between the qualifying periods (June 2022 – June 2024) then it would be eligible. If you are no longer selling the design during this period then the project would not qualify.

Can I enter a project that is not yet built?

Yes – As long as the project is for sale within the eligibility window (June 2022 – June 2024). If the category requires to you submit interior or exterior photos you may provide a rendering.

How do I qualify for Project of the Year?

Once you have submitted a single project in the 3 required categories, you will automatically qualify for Project of the Year. You will receive a notification on your submission dashboard in the ‘Project of the Year’ section if you have qualified.

Once you have qualified, you may choose to enter Project of the Year if you wish. You can then fill out the remaining application questions, add the entry to your shopping cart, and pay for the submission.

Can I use point form for my project description?

Yes – We encourage you to use point form in your written content guided questions to be concise.

I have to upload my company and project logo in .EPS – What does this mean?

EPS is a file extension for graphics files. We request .EPS because it is a high resolution file, which allows for a transparent background. This is important for final print materials and on-screen content.

What are acceptable formats for a “Proof of ad placement” during the designated time frame?

There are a number of acceptable formats for a “Proof of ad placement.” You can supply one of the following; scanned copies of the original ad in the publication, pictures of the ad within a magazine or newspaper, or an invoice showing the dates the ad was run. The most important factor for all formats is that the dates when the ad was published must be evident.

When you ask for the project cost in Renovation, Room Design and Custom Home Categories, is that pre or post tax?

Project cost is always to be pre-tax.

When you ask for a marketing budget does that include the cost of putting together the sales brochure and media marketing costs?

The marketing budget is the cost to produce the final product – this does not include media costs to air or run your ad.

I noticed that you do not want any reference of our company in the project description to keep it anonymous. Does that apply to the Floorplan and marketing materials as well? We have it watermarked on all of our plans.

We understand that many companies have their logo on floor plans or renderings. If possible we ask that you remove the logo. If you are unable to remove the logo we ask that it is watermarked, or small in one of the bottom corners. We do this to ensure judging remains anonymous and un-biased.

I put in the wrong project name. Can I change it?

You will have the chance to save and edit your submission at a later time. We encourage entrants to use this feature and review their entry details with fresh eyes before submission. Upon submission, entrants will agree to a verification form confirming that everything on the application has been completed accurately.

Why can’t a client name appear in my project or model name?

We ask that you do not use a client name or address in the project or model name for two reasons; first, to keep the privacy of your client, and second to ensure judging is anonymous and un-biased.

I am an interior designer who worked on a project with a builder. Can I enter the OHBA Awards of Distinction?

All entrants, including credited companies, must be members of OHBA and in good standing. Please refer to “Eligibility” for more details.

I heard that I can enter for free if I won Builder of the Year at my local HBA awards program. Does free entry apply at the OHBA Awards of Distinction?

Yes – If you won Builder of the Year at your local HBA awards program, you qualify to enter the Ontario Builder of the Year category free of charge. Please contact OHBA for details 416-443-1545 or 1-800-387-0109

Will I have a chance to revise my entry before the judging?

All entrants have the opportunity to save and complete their entries until the entry period closes June 28. There is also the opportunity to share your draft entry with team members, credited companies and ask for their input and review.

Once an entry is submitted, edits can be made until the submission window closes on June 28. Once the deadline has passed, all submissions are final and no further changes will be permitted.

Can I enter a submission in partnership with another builder/developer/renovator?

Yes – You may submit in partnership with another builder/developer/renovator as long as both companies are members in good standing with OHBA as per our eligibility guidelines and were equal partners on the project.

A Partner/Group submission are completed by two or more builders who share equal representation on the project. All parties must be aware and agree to the combined submission. Only partner submissions that use the same project in all qualifying categories are eligible for project of the year. One trophy will be awarded on the event night including all partner names. Additional trophies are available for purchase post awards.

You can add a partner by simply pressing the + button.  This will give you a new set of fields to populate for your partner company.


Do rentals qualify for submission or it’s only for condos and homes for purchase?

Yes – We accept purpose-built rentals into the AoD program from OHBA members who are in good standing. The project must be under construction or development and has gone to lease or plan to go to lease by June 2024.

Are real photos needed, or can I submit renderings?

If the project is not finished being built then renders will be accepted. That being said, it is important that you still qualify based on the eligibility window – The project must be open for sale between June 2022 – June 2024.

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Terminology Index

Production Built Home: Any design that is reproduced multiple times on a given site with only minimal purchaser customization.

Custom Home: Any design that is unique or reproduced only once on a given site and may include a mass-produced model that is heavily customized by a purchaser to make it relatively unique.

Floor plan: A scale diagram of the arrangement of rooms in a low-rise building. In a high rise building the floor plan would show the layout of the individual suite.

Floorplate: A scale diagram of the arrangement of suites, including amenities and common areas in a high-rise building. Also known as a key plate.

Square Footage: Does not include below grade basement level. Exception – The basement may be included as a storey in the Mid-Rise categories specified.

Site Plan: A plan of the full project / subdivision.

Exterior Project Rendering: An exterior rendering specific to the model/project being entered.

Project Name: The overall project title.

Model Name: Specific to a home or suite.

EPS. Format: EPS is a file extension for graphics files. We request EPS. because it is a high resolution file, which allows for a transparent background. This is important for final print materials and on-screen content.

Social Media: Social media is defined as electronic communication, specifically created for use online, which shares information, ideas, articles, promotions and other content such as videos, blogs etc. and allows interaction with the audience through media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Blogs, Flickr etc.