Want your Awards of Distinction entries to catch the attention of our judges? Find out what they look for when judging:  

  1. Pay Attention to Judging Criteria & Requirements
    Your submission will be judged according to the judging criteria set out for each award. Each piece of judging criteria is weighted equally. 
  2. Written Content
    Be concise but informative in your submission descriptions. You are welcome to use point form to maximize your allowed word count.
  3. Be meticulous about your photos
    The visual content sells your project submission. Be sure to use the following guidelines for image uploads: 
  • Image Size – Minimum 1500 pixels in height or width. Size limit 5 mb
  • Image Orientation – Can be horizontal or vertical
  • Before & After Images – Try to shoot from the same angle / location to help judges understand the transformation.
  • Ordering Photos – At the review stage of your submission, you will be able to re-order your photos in the sequence you would like judges to view them in, by dragging and dropping into place.
  • Restrictions – Do not submit photos that have boarders, frames, logos or watermarks.