Production Built Home: Any design that is reproduced multiple times on a given site with only minimal purchaser customization.

Custom Home: Any design that is unique or reproduced only once on a given site and may include a mass-produced model that is heavily customized by a purchaser to make it relatively unique.

Floor plan: A scale diagram of the arrangement of rooms in a low-rise building. In a high rise building the floor plan would show the layout of the individual suite.

Floorplate: A scale diagram of the arrangement of suites, including amenities and common areas in a high-rise building. Also known as a key plate.

Square Footage: Does not include below grade basement level. Exception – The basement may be included as a storey in the Mid-Rise categories specified.

Site Plan: A plan of the full project / subdivision.

Exterior Project Rendering: An exterior rendering specific to the model/project being entered.

Project Name: The overall project title.

Model Name: Specific to a home or suite.

EPS. Format: EPS is a file extension for graphics files. We request EPS. because it is a high resolution file, which allows for a transparent background. This is important for final print materials and on-screen content.

Social Media: Social media is defined as electronic communication, specifically created for use online, which shares information, ideas, articles, promotions and other content such as videos, blogs etc. and allows interaction with the audience through media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Blogs, Flickr etc.