Eligibility Updates

As we move towards a new normal, we recognize that 2020 was a difficult year for the home building industry due to a shortage of materials, project delays and many other uncertainties. Because of this, OHBA has updated our eligibility window for our 2021 Awards of Distinction to allow for an additional year extension for project submissions.

All projects open for sale or completed* between June 2019 – August 2021 in Ontario will be eligible to enter.
*Applicable to renovation, custom projects, and sales and marketing categories.

Category Updates

  • (04) “Attached Multi-Unit Home” description has been updated
  • (05) “Stacked Townhome Unit” has been updated to “Stacked or Back to Back Townhome”
  • (13-15) “Home Renovation” has been updated to “Home Renovation / Addition”
  • (31-32) “New Homes Sales Office” judging criteria has been updated to include “Overall appeal to target market”
  • (39-40) “Project of the Year” – description/eligibility has been updated for mix-use projects

People’s Choice Award Format

The coveted People’s Choice Award will resume online pre-voting prior to the virtual event day.

We heard your feedback and want to ensure we give everyone the opportunity to show support for the 2021 People’s Choice finalists. Voting will open Early-October.

Partner Submissions

New This Year! Architectural designers, interior specialists, and marketing agencies will be eligible to submit in partnership with a builder/developer/renovator, in specified categories.

All parties must be members of OHBA in good standing. Each party must agree to sharing equal representation by providing contact information for all parties. All partnerships will be verified by OHBA.

In the case that the submission becomes a finalist or winner, the builder/developer/renovators name will appear first, followed by partners in alpha order.

One trophy will be awarded, and additional trophies can be ordered after the awards.

Qualifying Categories

Architectural Designers – Architectural Design (1-12)

Interior Specialists – Renovation (13-17), Room Design (18-22), On Site Sales Presentation (31-35)

Marketing Agencies – Image & Advertising (23-30), On Site Sales Presentation (36-37)


Architectural Designers – An Architect or Architectural Technologist, who is a member of the Ontario Association of Architects.

Interior Specialist – A individual or company, who uses the art and science of understanding people’s behaviour to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces within a building. This includes services from spatial planning and design, to decor, finishings and furnishings.

Marketing Agencies – A company who provides a broad range of services to help implement an integrated marketing strategy for your brand goals. These services help communicate, analyze, brand, and promote your products and services through creative and tangible solutions.

New Category! – Amenities

The amenities race is still going strong and developers are finding new ways to delight residents beyond standard clubhouses and fitness centers. Submissions for this category will represent bold thinking in amenities, adding value to the community. 

 This award recognizes the best single amenity within a multi-unit residential building by an OHBA builder member. 

Category Updates

  • “Renovation” has been updated to “Renovation (Home or Condo).” 
  • Home Renovation – Judging criteria has been updated to reflect “Uniqueness of Design” without specifying location (Interior / Exterior).
  • Model Home / Suite – Judging criteria has been updated to reflect “Uniqueness of Design” without specifying location (Interior / Exterior).
  • Low & Mid/High Rise Ad Campaign – Judging criteria has been updated to include both “Creativity” and “Content (via upload)” to align with all categories in this grouping.
  • Low & Mid/High Rise Logo Branding – Judging criteria has been updated to include both “Creativity” and “Content (via upload)” to align with all categories in this grouping.
  • Design / Décor Centre – Additional written question has been added to better understand the target market when designing the décor center. 

Written Content 

All general categories will now have a limit of 200 words per question. 

All prestige categories will now have a limit of 250 words per question. 

 Point form is accepted. 

Multiple Entries  

Submitters are currently permitted to submit multiple entries for the same project into a category, so long as the models are different. 

 New This Year – Submitters are eligible to submit multiple entries for the same project and model, in specified categories, so long as they hold key differentiating factors:  

  1. Low Rise Project Video
  2. High or Mid-Rise Project Video
  3. Amenities

 When submitting more than one submission for the same project/model, with distinguishing features, please sub-title to define the differentiating factors. 

Re-Ordering Photos

Submitters now have the ability to re-order their photo uploads before submitting. Simply click “re-order photos” to drag and drop them into the order you would like them to appear.

Please note that when applying for Project of the Year, and if selected for People’s Choice, the first photo in the submission will be used for voting.


OHBA reserves the right to disqualify entries that do not observe the requirements.   

If an entry is deemed ineligible by OHBA prior to judging, the fee with be returned to the entrant, minus a $50 administration fee per entry.